Flight Training International offers a number of Specialty Courses to meet the requirements of your flight department or individual pilot qualifications including:
RVSM Training
CAT II/III Certification
Airbus CCQ Programs

Pilots with previous experience in the A320 or A330 may be eligible to add additional Airbus Type Ratings after completing differences training. The Cross Cockpit Qualification (CCQ) approach allows pilots to add additional Airbus type ratings quickly and efficiently. Contact FTI for details and experience requirements.


Flight Training International is pleased to offer the ATP-CTP (Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program) course! The ATP -CTP is a prerequisite for the FAA’s highest certificate and includes training in: aerodynamics, automation, adverse weather conditions, air carrier operations, transport airplane performance, professionalism, and leadership development. This training program will impart conceptual knowledge through academics and consolidate that knowledge through training in an FSTD (FTD and FFS).

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ATP Rating

The ATP Rating (Airline Transport Pilot) course allows a pilot with the appropriate experience level to obtain the unrestricted FAA ATP in a simulator for a fleet in which they have experience. We are authorized to deliver this course in the A320, 737 and 757 simulators. A medical is NOT required to complete the ATP Practical Test/Checkride in a simulator. NOTE: this does not result in a type rating, we simply use the simulator for that fleet to complete the PTS maneuvers required for the Airline Transport Pilot checkride.

ATP – Long Course (this course was specifically designed for US military pilots)

  • 8 Hr Ground Instruction
  • 2 Hr FBS (4 hours paired with 2 hours left seat/2 hours right seat)
  • 4 Hr Full Motion Simulator (8 hours paired with 4 hours left seat/4 hours right seat)
  • Oral
  • 2 Hr Checkride (4 hours paired with 2 hours left seat/2 hours right seat)

ATP – Short Course (this course is for pilots with previous A320, 737 and 757 flight experience)

  • 4 Hr Ground Instruction
  • 2 Hr Full Motion Simulator (4 hours paired with 2 hours left seat/2 hours right seat)
  • Oral
  • 2 Hr Checkride (4 hours paired with 2 hours left seat/2 hours right seat)

ATP Restricted Course

Flight Training International is approved to issue Restricted ATPs. We are currently only doing this for U.S. military pilots:

R-ATP Requirements:

  • Military Competency
  • 750 hours total time
  • 200 hours cross country
  • 21 years of age
  • ATP Knowledge Test (written) completed
  • FAA Commercial with Multiengine and Instrument Rating

All of the same enrollment forms are required regardless if it is a Restricted or Unrestricted ATP you are after. The only difference is the 8710 application, and the Military Competency section (II. B.) needs to be filled out. The Temporary Airman Certificate will have the following restrictions:

“Restricted in accordance with 14 CFR 61.167.”
“Holder does not meet the pilot-in-command aeronautical experience requirements of ICAO.”

Airbus CCQ Courses

The term CROSS CREW QUALIFICATION (CCQ) refers to a reduced type rating transition course which gives credit for the technical similarities and common operational and handling procedures. The term CCQ is reserved for such courses between Airbus fly-by-wire types.

A320-A330 CCQ Course – Miami

Must have 300 hours in the A320, and currently flying it in the US or overseas OR have a current Proficiency Check on the Aircraft.
Must have A320 on FAA Certificate

  • 40 Hr Home Study with Manuals
  • 8 Hr Ground Instruction
  • 4 Hr Full Motion Simulator (8 Hr if paired, 4 hours left seat/4 hours right seat)
  • 2 Hr Simulator Checkride (4 Hr if paired)

A320-A330 – Miami

Must have 300 hours in the A320, and currently flying it in the US or overseas OR have a current Proficiency Check on the Aircraft.
Must have A320 on FAA Certificate
Course Footprint (based on paired crew)

  • Home Study
  • Day 1: A320  8 hour Ground School early in the day
  • Day 2: 4 Hr Full Motion Simulator (2 hours left seat/2 hours right seat)
  • Day 3: 4 Hr Full Motion Simulator (2 hours left seat/2 hours right seat)
  • Day 4: Oral/Checkride (5 hours, 2.5 hours left seat/2.5 hours right seat)
  • Day 5: A330 6 hour Ground School followed by Oral

A330 – Miami

Must have A330 on FAA Certificate

  • Home Study in Manuals
  • 6 Hour Ground School
  • Oral
  • 4 Hour Checkride
  • Approximately 2 Days

Airline Interview Simulator Orientation Courses

Simulator Orientation
Recent regulatory changes require airlines to assess a pilot’s flying skills prior to being hired. At some airlines, this means that a simulator evaluation is part of the interview process. FTI offers custom courses designed to familiarize pilots with the handling characteristics of aircraft in which you’ll be evaluated. FTI will help you to prepare for this once in a lifetime interview and can tailor the session to the company and profile you are targeting. Some ways to prepare are:

  • Instructor led system review
  • Simulator familiarization/orientation
  • Simulator maneuver refresher
  • Simulator profile practice (typical interview profile or custom profile provided by the applicant)
  • FTI also recommend conducting a practice interview with Marshall-Cage consulting.

An interview at a major air carrier may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t miss your chance to get on the seniority list and start building seniority as soon as possible. Your date of hire will determine your quality of life for the rest of your career.

Make no mistake, airlines can tell if you have prepared for this opportunity. Major airlines have the luxury to pick and choose from among the most qualified pilot. You have one chance to convince them that you are the pilot they should hire. Don’t be fooled into thinking the airline can’t tell whether you’ve taken the opportunity seriously.

We can offer these simulator sessions at any of our locations. Call 720-808-7166 for pricing.

These courses do not satisfy any FAA regulation and do not result in any certificate action.

***If your interview is coming up in the next couple of weeks, we will send confirmation of your booking as soon as possible. If your interview and prep session are several weeks away, receiving confirmation from the simulator facility of your slot and assigning an instructor may take a few days due to the high volume of bookings. We understand that you could be preparing for the biggest interview of your career, so we will try our best to accommodate your preferred date and time for your simulator session.

When was the last time you interviewed for a flying job? How sure are you that your best ‘tell me a time when…’ story is going to translate well to an HR rep? For the Question/Answer portion of your interview, there are a number of companies that provide a practice interview. We recommend Cage Marshall Consulting. Prior to booking a practice interview be sure to ask how familiar the company is with the airline you are targeting.

Technical Skills Course-Interview Preparation

This is a 2 to 2.5 hour course with a limited amount of participants (2-5 applicants) to ensure the maximum amount of personalized training.  Topics of discussion with  include: CRM exercises, call outs, preflight planning, takeoff, approaches, missed approach profiles, diverting, in-flight anomalies, etc.   Instructors (Standards Captains, Line Check Airman, Pilot Instructors, etc.) for this class are all current and/or recently retired legacy carrier pilots.

This course has been specifically designed for any pilot preparing for any airline interview that has a technical/CRM portion of the interview process.

Please contact Chelsea Silvers at 720.573.3762 or email her at: csilvers@ftiratings.com for more information or to schedule your prep course today.

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